You're ready for Feminist Incubator if...

You have the skills to succeed in the corporate world, but you KNOW that path won't fulfill you or help you realize your potential.


You want to tell people you're a writer or creative or entrepreneur, but you feel like a fraud because you haven't "made it" yet.


You're embarrassed to admit it, but you've cried before commuting to your meaningless day job. Is that the only way to pay New York rent?


You spin your wheels deciding whether you can manage freelance life, wondering each week if you're letting your dreams pass you by.



You're ready to learn the skills and strategies that will turn your creative pipe-dream into reality. 

You want practical financial advice tailored for non-corporate freelancers.

You'd jump for joy if someone handed you a detailed, step-by-step action plan for the next 3 months.

You're excited to join a feminist community that will help you reach the next level — without any patriarchal bullsh*t. 



Feminist Incubator is for women who want a life of creative freedom and fulfillment, without the financial insecurity.



Calling All...

* Creatives who feel trapped in their day jobs
* Want-to-be freelancers who worry about paying the bills
* Multi-passionate women who yearn to bring their whole selves to work
* Badass feminists who want a career with purpose and impact

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What will it feel like when you...




You're ready to freelance, but you've got a lot of questions!

  • "What if my work isn't good enough? How do I find clients and convince them to work with me?"
  • "How do I know if I can afford to start freelancing? How do I even know what to charge?"
  • "How can I possibly start making money on my own when I don't have a business background?"
  • "Won't I feel lonely and isolated working for myself?"

There are so many questions about making the leap from corporate to creative. If you're also a feminist, there's a whole other layer to address. 

Of course you want your work to fulfill you financially and creatively, but you also want to make an impact. After all, we're living in Trump's America. The wage gap will take until 2085 to equalize. #MeToo is out of control. And all of this affects you. Who wants to live in a world where sexism affects your income and safety?

No wonder so many women are bowing out of corporate life.  Of course, they're not leaving the labor force...

Women are redefining work by using feminism as a starting point for business.

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What Is a Feminist Business?

1. It expresses the truest version of yourself.
That means creative freedom + alignment. No more doing things you despise for the sake of money!

2. It brings financial abundance to you and others. 
...And it does so responsibly, so that you don't contribute to injustice.

3. It bends convention to meet the world's need for systemic change.
Who says you have to be aggressive, competitive, and masculine to succeed in business? You can redefine it all.


All those digital nomads, solopreneurs, and thriving freelancers?

They're putting the building blocks in place for a better economy — one that allows women (and people of all genders) to earn equal pay; work with colleagues who treat them like humans; and prioritize fulfillment, freedom, and passion.

If that sounds like bliss...

Welcome to Feminist Incubator.

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Our incubator draws inspiration from feminist scholars and change-makers:

YOUR LIFE After Feminist Incubator

Your Life Before Feminist Incubator

  • You suppress your creativity or (at best) turn it into a side hustle
  • You're afraid of the financial insecurity related to freelancing
  • You doubt your ability to make money for yourself
  • You're a feminist, but how do you make time for gender equality when you need to figure out your own future?
  • You're in the habit of prioritizing your fulfillment, because you know that aligning your business with your passion = higher income and more impact
  • You understand what compels people to pay for your creative work, and you know exactly where to find your dream customers
  • You know how to build a sustainable, conscious business that meets your needs and gives you the power to advance feminism
  • You have a clear action plan for the next 3 months. No more analysis paralysis!
  • You have a community that FINALLY understands you!

Hurry! Doors close in...